Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Personal Reasons Behind Wali Karzai's Assassination

From the evidence I have gathered about Wali Karzai's assassination, I can confidently say that his death had nothing to do with the Taliban. The Taliban wanted, rather, to opportunistically claim responsibility to show how deep their influence could penetrate. 

Wali Karzai's assassination, instead, had some personal reasons attached to it. The first possibility was that Wali had sexual relations with either the president's sister, wife, or son. In the area where Wali hailed from in Afghanistan, men commonly molest children. Wali acted as a bodyguard for the president's family, having an extremely close familial and personal tie with them. I project that there was a 90% chance that the occurrence of a sexual affair was the reason Wali was assassinated. 

The other 10% of possibility was related to drug money shares. Sardar, who assassinated Wali, was not an unknown bodyguard without status. He was very involved as a businessman and well connected in the business community. Sardar, perhaps, was part of the drug smuggling business, and Wali was unfair in giving him his shares.

Why I did I say that the Taliban were not behind Wali's assassination? Because Sardar was not a member of the Taliban movement. Also, he didn't carry the same ideology as the Taliban. That is why he was involved with Wali for close to a decade. 

Could it be money? No, because Sardar was already making better money with Wali alive. If he had wanted to bring about the death of Wali for money, he didn't have execute his mission at the perpetrator's home where he had known for certain that he would have been killed. You can sell a lot of things for money, except your life.

But why did President Karzai and his family assert that the Taliban was behind Wali's killing:

1) They wanted to score some credit with the international community, demonstrating that they had dedicated their lives to help NATO.

2) They knew the real reason, but didn't want spread shame on their family.

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