Monday, August 15, 2011

Osama Undergoes "Water Boarding" by CIA After Supposed Death

As we, here in America, and other people around the world are busy speculating about the details of how Bin Laden was killed, Osama himself undergoes some harsh interrogations designed to blood- vomit all his secrets. He has a lot to tell us! And a lot to pay for!

This was not a rush operation. Osama was under surveillance for months (according to the American government), and that of course was CIA surveillance, the best of the best! Then the Navy seals were sent, of course to arrest him first, and to bring his dead body only if he blew himself up.

This elite force of Navy Seals, also the best of the best, attacked the compound where they faced little resistance. There were only one or two armed guards and they were quickly eliminated. Then, at the third floor, the Seals came face to face with an unarmed Osama. And according to our government, he was shot once between the eyebrows and once in the chest. Then, again according to our government, the Seals gathered a pile of documents, including some hard drives, computers, and a ton of paper documents.

Let’s ask ourselves this: Why didn't they pour gasoline on all the documents and set them on fire? Do you think that U.S. Intelligence wants to learn as much as they can about the information in those documents and hard drives? Exactly, and that is the same reason why they also did not destroy the most important documents of all, Osama himself. Osama, in fact was the most important piece of those documents, and we could not afford to kill him because we needed to bring him back alive, and study him word by word and line by line. I believe 100% that right now Osama is alive and undergoing some of those "enhanced interrogation techniques," because the CIA wants to exorcize all of the devils out of Osama.

Yes, to believe that Osama—that an unarmed Osama that we needed so much alive—was just shot for sport, would really be a big insult to CIA and our government. If I believed that, then I would not be proud of the CIA.

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